Whispering Bamboos

Site-specific multimedia installation for Bottega orafa Daniela Vettori, Vicenza

The goal

To overturn the usual concept of a shop window, reconfiguring it in terms of an interactive exhibition space.

The idea

An interactive installation created by D20 Art Lab for the Bottega Orafa Daniela Vettori. Craftsmanship and digital art engage in a celebration of lightness, the Orient, and the joyful acceptance of the universe.
A breath allows interaction with the shop window through an acoustic sensor that captures its intensity and duration and transforms it into poetry. Each breath actually gives life to a hexagram taken from the I Ching, the Book of Changes, a sacred and divinatory text in China, and to a Haiku written by the Venetian poet Andrea Zanzotto.
Zanzotto wrote “Haiku for a season/Haiku per una stagione” inspired by Japanese poetic compositions. Similarly, Daniela Vettori, inspired by Japanese forests, created the Bamboo collection by shaping gold with fire and a hammer.
The installation will be accessible from January 16th to March 16th, 2019.