Time reflections

Audio visual installation for Villa Sandi (2022)

The production of wine is a slow process that requires a lot of knowledge and care. It involves an entire ecosystem, from the quality of the soil to environmental sustainability, to the production of grapes and subsequent winemaking.
In this slow production cycle, numerous skills come into play, contributing their talents like musical instruments in a precise score.

The installation comes to life with the intention of making this layering of time and knowledge visible. The image that reflects and multiplies, inspired by one of the masters of video art like Bill Viola, literally takes shape of the finished product through the successive stages: from the vineyard to the glass.

The projection on the bottles makes visible the process that takes place away from our eyes, both because it happens in the dim light of the cellar and because it is imperceptible to our gaze.

The soundscape subjects noble and material elements like the human voice and string instruments to a transformative process that replicates the resonance of the cellar where the wine ferments.

Video and mapping: Raffaella Rivi
Sound: Sergio Marchesini

Thanks to Aurora Zambello, Fabrizio Panozzo, Martina Pin for their support and brainstorming.
Photos by Arcangelo Piai