The Oracle

Multimedia installation (2017)
D20 ART LAB for Tecnica Group, Treviso

The goal

To enhance and convey the emotional specificities of three brands selected by the Group itself: Tecnica, ski boots and footwear; Nordica, skis and boots; Moon Boot, footwear.


A visual and auditory story based on the metaphor of divination. Because or know and anticipate, giving men signs that guide and direct them.

The visitor here has the most important role: formulating the question by making a choice.
Faced with three different products placed on three pedestals, they can choose one and move it to the only remaining pedestal.

By doing so, through recognition sensors, a video is activated that immerses the interlocutor in a multisensory dimension. Narrator’s voice, images, and music express the response in the form of emotional content, to be experienced each time through three different perspectives: Discovery for Tecnica, Speed for Nordica, Dream for Moon Boot.