Stramare Sound Machines

Site specific land art (2021)

UPDATE 11/2021: Our work has been feature on Bela blog! Ecco il link.

Stramare Sound Machines is a distributed sound installation that incorporates different fragments of sound memories from both the recent and distant past. It includes about ten sound entities integrated in the Stramare area, a small village of stone in the hilly part of the municipality of Segusino (TV).

The sound of the area is subtly and respectfully modified by the presence of a new sound texture, which is nothing but a recombination of the local landscape itself. However, there is no overall sound organization.

Each sound is produced in response to actions by visitors and variations in the environment. There is no specific attitude or action required for each installation. The audience can interact with the sound elements by re-composing and recombining memories and sounds in an original and unpredictable way.

The entire work is site-specific. The community participated in the project by collecting audio documents of the (now multi-ethnic) traditional heritage of the area. However, it defines an approach rather than just a set of techniques and devices, or rather an attitude that can be adopted in other contexts, landscapes, and environments.

It takes shape during the La Giusta Distanza Festival, directed by Mirko Artuso, June 26th to July 18th, 2021. It was and realized by Sergio Marchesini, Francesco Ganassin, and Vilson Luari

The elementary school

The old elementary school ofamare comes back to life with the voices and nursery rhymes of today’s children. By manipulating the sculpture, different recordings and soundscapes overlap.

The church organ

A contemporary organ for the small church of Stramare By touching the antennae, you can experience new compositions.

The crickets

Hidden in the land synthetic crickets engage in a dialogue with the sound coming from the forest.

The sledge

Stage area: An old sled used for transporting wood, covered with the strings of a double bass and harmonic steel that you can pluck.

The marimba

Stage area: Built using found materials, you can strike it with sticks.

On the path to the village

The great organ

A reproduction of the organ found in the small church. Touch it to make it react.

The reed bed

Continuing along the path, you will find the reed bed that you can strike with a stick or with your hands.

The sound pipes

Strike the opening of the tubes with the rubber mallet or the palm of your hand.

The overlook on Stramare

A sculpture along the path from the parking lot that suggests us to stop and look at the village from the Right Distance.