Sounds from the Library

Site-specific sound installation (2018) for Fornace Orsoni, Venezia

The goal

To realize an enhancement project for a unique and evocative place: the room where an infinite number of shades, nuances, and varieties of precious gold mosaic, of which Orsoni is an undisputed master in the world, are preserved and codified.

The idea

To enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the Color Library while respecting the tradition and history that characterize it, the sound spatialization intervention proposes a poetic and suggestive sound narrative to small groups of visitors.

After welcoming them with a sound diffused throughout the entire space, composed of soft melodies that evoke memories of water, fire, and artisan skill, the narration continues by revealing the magical alchemy of three color palettes: imperial reds, incarnates, and shades of sea and sky blue.

Thanks to the use of HyperSonic Sound® technology, listening is made possible only by entering the range of action of the speaker, creating the impression that the place itself is speaking and telling its extraordinary secrets.