Sound Lines

Factory Sonification & Video (2019)
D20 ART LAB per Electrolux

The task

On the occasion of Electrolux’s centennial celebrations, the company asked us to create an audio/video installation based on sounds and images collected directly inside the factory.

The Idea

The invitation that comes from the video is to see the everyday spaces of production and work with a different perspective. That’s why it starts in the current factory and ends in the warehouse that will house the new production lines, highly automated and computerized according to the principles of the factory 4.0. It is an empty and “new” space to fill, reimagine, and design together.


Concept: Raffaella Rivi & Sergio Marchesini
Video: Raffaella Rivi
Sound Design: Sergio Marchesini
Music: Sergio Marchesini & Francesco Ganassin
Set design: Alberto Nonnato
Shooting: Raffaella Rivi & Giulio Pizzato