Time, Memory, Dream.

«Who climbs higher, sees farther. Who sees farther, dreams longer.» Walter Bonatti

The journey through time and memory flows with the rhythm, elusive and mysterious, of a dream. Memories pile up and chase each other in a sequence of flashes, overlays, and fragments of meaning that solicit new emotions and different visions. Sounds, voices, and breaths are part of the journey: they move it, stimulate it, animate it. Thus, the images of the first ascent of K2, after seventy years, intertwine and merge with the present. They have the strength of what has been and has left its mark, telling a new story, our story.

TRENTO, Palazzo Roccabruna, Via Santa Trinità 24

17/04/2024 – 18/05/2024
Inauguration Tue. April 16th 18.00

Opening times:

Mon., Tue. and Wed. 8.30-12.00, 14.00-17.00.
Thu. and Fri. 8.30-12.00, 14.00-20.00.
Sat 17.00-20.00.
Domenica: chiuso

Turin, Museo Nazionale della Montagna, Piazzale Monte dei Cappuccini 7

31/10/2024 – 30/03/2025

Opening time:
Tue. to Fri. 10.30–18.00
Sat. and Sun. 10.00–18.00