Pack and Play

Multimedia installation (2018)
D20 ART LAB for Galdi S.p.A., Treviso

The goal

To enhance the operational and productive assets of the company specialized in the design and development of automatic filling machines for packaging, bottling, and filling of food products.

The idea

The installation offers the user an interactive game that leverages the values of creativity, curiosity, listening, and sharing, becoming a tool for understanding the material and immaterial assets of the company.
By interacting with an “augmented” dashboard, the visitor can activate images and sounds that narrate the entire operational process: from the idea of a product to its sustainable solution.
Initially, the board appears as an illustrated table, on which gable top containers and action figures representing key elements of the company’s philosophy are arranged.
By interacting with the action figures, the visitor triggers a projection that reveals a path to follow on the board and some videos on the surfaces of the tetrapak: only by completing a specific sequence can they access the next level of the game.
To convey the company’s values and capabilities through an unusual and experiential perspective, the images that depict the process explore different areas of the collective visual imagination, from collage to pop art, thus becoming a bridge between seemingly different worlds.