Out of the box

Multimedia installation (2017)
D20 ART LAB for Stonefly, Treviso

The goal

Give life and concreteness to the figure that inspires the brand: Huntington J. P. Stone. Born in India at the end of the 1800s to an English father, a traveler and lover of freedom, he earned the nickname “Stonefly” for his legendary exploits.

The idea

The installation focuses on the long-standing relationship between the company and the mythical aviation pioneer through one of the quintessential travel symbols: a trunk, transformed here into a true wunderkammer from which the visitor can freely embark on their own journey of discovery, becoming an explorer themselves.

Stone’s identity, who traveled aboard sailboats, drove on sun-drenched roads with the first automobiles, and flew over mountains and deserts, unfolds before the eyes and curiosity of those who investigate it, thanks to a story that progresses through suggestions: moving images, objects to touch, drawers to open, sounds to listen to.

A play between the desire for discovery and the will to research, a fluid excursion between past and present, which, through an immersive and engaging experience, highlights the iconic lifestyle of the brand.