Obeya Dance Hall

Partecipatory workshop, Video (2021)

Obeya Dance Room is a participatory project created for ElectroLux that aims to explore the relationship between humans and machines in a highly technological facility like the one in Susegana. We involved the staff of the facility at all organizational levels in a dance workshop, and we were amazed by their willingness to step out of their comfort zones.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Maximilian Jessula, Luana Corbanese, and Monica Sfreddo for their trust and availability.
Special thanks to the team of dancers, Lorenzo Berghella, Jasmine Caroli, John Cedar Momo, Maria Francesca Francioso, and Simona Argentieri, who curated the choreography and the dance workshop for the staff.
We also extend our thanks to the video team, Francesco Mansutti, Piergiorgio Grande, Andrea Corato, Gabriele Corato, and Michele Tessari.

The soundtrack was created by Sergio Marchesini, and the direction was done by Raffaella Rivi.