Moving Forward

Multimedia installation (2017)
D20 ART LAB fot Lotto Sport Italia,Treviso

The goal

Reposition the perceived value of the brand: from a signature solely associated with professional sports to a brand dedicated to fitness for all.

The idea

The installation draws inspiration from the photographic experiments of Eadweard Muybridge, who in the late 1800s used the technique of chronophotography to study the movement of animals and people, becoming a precursor of biomechanics and the mechanics of athletes.

A slow-motion video, shot in a studio, shows two athletes exercising against a background with a measurement grid reminiscent of that used by the English photographer. But the reference to Muybridge is not merely for show: his imagery is actually updated and reinterpreted through a multifunctional approach.

In front of the wall monitor, an old-style crank is placed. Connected to a small gyroscope capable of detecting the direction and speed of the circular motion that activates it, the crank allows the viewer not only to play the video but also to choose its direction and speed, projecting it forwards or backwards at will, in slow or fast sequences.
Thus, a process is created in which the user becomes the protagonist and synthesis of the idea of physical movement.