Lux mundi

Interactive sculpture for Stylnove Ceramics, Nove (Vicenza)

The goal

To create an installation piece for a trade fair, aimed at expressing and conveying the technical and creative abilities of the company specializing in artistic ceramic processing.

The idea

The art of ceramics carries the echo of a primitive gesture: in its material aspect, in the process of craftsmanship, in the search for form. At the same time, it synthesizes the alchemical idea of the primordial elements: fire, air, earth, water.
The installation explicitly expresses this connection through a technological exploration of the platonic solids, archaic forms already present in ancient manufacturing, formalized by Plato, and always investigated by physicists, mathematicians, mystics, and artists.
The visitor can explore the polyhedra using a tablet. Once activated, the five cosmic figures emit light and sounds that propagate through the surrounding environment.