La Naf Spazial / Space Poser

The goal

To present in an innovative way the dissemination of data produced by the university of Venice during Veneto Night 2018, European Researchers’ Night.

The Idea

How to transform an academic space into a place to transmit engaging and original knowledge? With the complementarity of two site-specific audiovisual installations aimed at captivating the gaze, curiosity, and attention of the event participants.
“La Naif Spazial” is a soundscape that, by soundtracking scientific databases provided by university research groups, is projected into space through audio speakers and animated through the installation of led walls on the windows of the building.
“Space Poser” is an interactive installation that allows for interaction simply by moving close to motion sensors. A “code of drawings” or “poses” enables communication with the led wall and the sounds produced by the building, creating a sort of dialogue with “La Naif Spazial.”