Far on the way

Multimedia installation (2017)
D20 ART LAB for Calzaturificio S.C.A.R.P.A., Asolo (Treviso)

The goal

Representing the concept expressed in the company’s slogan specialized in mountain footwear, from skiing to extreme expeditions, highlighting also a dual concept of Time: slow, emblematic of artisanal production; linked to speed and achievement of a record, typical of athletes.

The idea

Hypothesizing the form of what we still do not know, as the company’s slogan “No place is far”, is a stimulus towards growth, a challenge towards improvement, discovery, and research.

Taking Galileo Galilei as a reference figure, the video installation reinterprets his most significant research tool: the telescope, a symbol of exploration and discovery of new knowledge.

In “Far on the way”’s telescope, the display is a smartphone monitor that uses the new technology of 360° vision. Thanks to an internal gyroscope, the phone detects spatial movement and updates the vision.

The user, pivoting with their feet in one spot and then turning around, can view the part of the image that includes the portion of space included by their own movement, virtually crossing the hypothetical path of a researcher who crosses different horizons.

An exploration in which the time of vision becomes fast and compressed, allowing anyone to “move” quickly in the world. The objective configuration of the time necessary to travel to different landscapes, for example from the Alps to the sea, is indeed redefined by the possibility of experiencing the visual experience of multiple environments and landscapes in a single exhibition space, while always leaving autonomous the subjective variable of the speed of the ongoing experience.