Atmospheres of Craft

An exposition for Hephaestus Project.
Bassano del Grappa, Palazzo Sturm, 27/05-30/06

Questa mostra segna l’inizio di una collaborazione tra D20ARTLAB e Copenhagen Business School all’interno di Hephaestus Project.
L’obiettivo del progetto è di ricercare, preservare e, allo stesso tempo, innovare i settori artigianali per fornire un’economia all’avanguardia, creativa e sostenibile basata sul patrimonio culturale e a D20ARTLAB è stato richiesto di partecipare individuando delle metodologie di art-based research e producendo una serie di output artistici per marcare le varie fasi del progetto.

This exhibition marks the beginning of a collaboration between D20ARTLAB and Copenhagen Business School within the Hephaestus Project. The goal of the project is to research, preserve, and at the same time innovate the craft sectors in order to provide a cutting-edge, creative, and sustainable economy based on cultural heritage. D20ARTLAB has been asked to participate by identifying art-based research methodologies and producing a series of artistic outputs to mark the various stages of the project.

The project

The researchers of the Hephaestus project aim to offer a truly innovative perspective on the complex interaction between craftsmanship, society, business, and technology. For this reason, they have chosen to explore artisanal ecosystems through an artistic lens.

The D20 ART LAB artistic collective has conducted the first exploration, culminating in this exhibition that presents artisanal ecosystems as an interaction between landscapes, people, and creative expressions – what we call Genius Loci.

D20 ART LAB takes us on a journey to capture the Genius Loci of four places in Europe – Dals Långed, Venice, Bornholm, and the Bassano del Grappa area – where craftsmanship is a distinctive component of local identity. The artists have immersed themselves in the unique atmosphere of these places, capturing images, voices, and objects that embody the myth, symbolism, and enchantment of everyday life.
Their investigation reveals Genius Loci as the “spirit” that synthesizes feelings, moods, and worldviews, guiding relationships, collaborations, and a sense of community. However, it also highlights the fluidity of this spirit, emphasizing how identity is often contested and controversial.

In line with the concept of research as the art of identification, rather than merely problem-solving, the artists invite us to challenge the ways in which we make sense of craftsmanship and to consider emerging controversies as sources of inspiration for project development. The exhibition thus urges us to explore the ecosystems of craftsmanship and appreciate their intricate relationship with the environment, culture, and society. It does not showcase the artisans themselves but rather the contexts that surround and inspire them in their creative process.

Therefore, this exhibition should be experienced as the beginning of a travel diary, consisting of spontaneously collected notes temporarily assembled to share the artist’s vision with researchers and artisan communities encountered in Hephaestus.

Fabrizio Panozzo, Ca’ Foscari University

Exhibition structure

Room 1 – Souvenirs

During our journey, we collected everyday objects, samples of, unfinished items, and images that bear witness to lived moments. The spirit is that of the sentimental traveler who collects relics, guided by curiosity and the desire to capture significant moments. The captions and images, presented in postcard format, tell small stories starting from common-use materials, documentations of community life, and artisanal artifacts that shape our memory of a place.

Room 2 Videography

During the journey, we reflected on the role of craftsmanship in various contexts, the differences and similarities of different ecosystems, and the role of nature, landscape, and traditions. Upon reviewing the visual notes we collected, we realized that these topics took shape and became increasingly apparent. We wanted to summarize the thoughts elaborated during the journey through statements that can also serve as questions to express the complexity of the theme and explore the ambiguity that characterizes our research path.

Room 3 – Voices

We crossed paths with a multitude of people directly or indirectly involved in the atmosphere of artisanal ecosystems. Each of them provided us with clues, food for thought, memories, nursery rhymes, songs, and anecdotes. In this room, we reproduce fragments of their voices, like an echo that still resonates in our memory.

Room 4 – RadioScapes

During the journey, we realized that the atmosphere is primarily created through the interaction of various factors: environment, traditions, nature, culture, but above all, people.

In this room, it seemed essential to directly involve the audience with an interactive device. For the spectator, manipulating the sounds collected during the journey becomes a metaphor for an elusive and ever-evolving process, similar to the atmosphere, which can transform and recombine with the actions of those who experience it.



For the Hephaestus project

Concept development and execution


Sergio Marchesini

Raffaella Rivi


Fabrizio Panozzo

Exhibition design

Michele Tajarol

Graphic design

Patrizio de Mattio


Coro la Vose del Tèsena,

Sandra Mangini

Jon Schmidt

Ida-Louise Stelter

Interactive sound devices

Francesco Ganassin

Thanks to

Dals Långed – Sweden

Ulrika Aneer

Cordula Bielenstein – Morich

Annika Bjork

Robert Curran

Emilie Eitera-Tardy

Barbro Erlandsson Bratt

Waldemar Fleetwood

Karl Hallberg

Helena Hansson

Anna Lena Ingemansson

Roger Karlsson

Chrisse Kuisma Karlsson

Heidi Keller

Funny Livdotter

Maria Lyungberg

Lisa Malm

Malin Palm

Elena Raviola

Vera Telemo

Bornholm – Denmark

Maja Cornelia Ahnlund

Barbara Fremuth Clemmensen

Lars Christiansen

Heidi Hentze

Maron Hillesean

Sara Jeffries

Brian Johansen

Jesper Preuss Justesen

Viki Kert

Mathias Kjærgaard Knudsen

Dorthe Møller Paulsen

Edda Mosling Sletner

Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen

Nathalie von Rüti

Christina Schou Christensen

Michael Sterby

Cecilie Zingenberg

Venezia – Italy

Silvia Cacciatore

Luisa Conventi

Roberto Dei Rossi

Camilla Ferri

Eleonora Fuser

Helene Galante

Anne Mourier

Roberto Paladini

Giorgio Piani

Alberto Maria Quercia

Patrizio Roversi

Manuel Sossich

Massimiliano Smerghetto

Marta Sottoriva

Adele Stefanelli

Gianfranco Vianello

Bassano del Grappa (Italy)

Elena Agosti

Stefano Bertoncello Collanega

Silvana Bicego

Davide Borgo

Alessia Bosa

Beatrice Bresolin

Giulia Cominato

Giovanni Favero

Elda Fraccaro

Giovanna Garzotto

Luisanna Papini

Diego Poloniato

Flavio Polloniato

POL Paolo Polloniato

Giulio Polloniato

Elena Rausse

Davide Reginato

Serena Reginato

Lisa Scanagatta

Rosa Scapin

Nadir Stringa

Alessia Zanchetta